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Common cell phone jammer problem maintenance

Frequently asked questions:
1. Does cell phone jammer radiate cell phone to cause harm to human body?
For radiation, as long as there is radiation of the size of the electronics. Any electrical appliance will have radiation. As we used to use mobile phone every day against the inevitable next ear, there will be radiation, a country must set up the standard of cell phone radiation, radiation and our mobile phone signal shielding the rest of the quantity is far lower than the national standard, and it did not count the ear every day, so almost no harm human body.
2. Why does the scope and feature of the protection description differ from that of the cell phone jammer?
A: the range of the protective cover related to the strong field magnetic field and the distance between the communication stations. Generally speaking, at 200 meters high. Manufacturers are testing the general case, the shield will be a bit out of reach.

3. Why do cell phone signals still show blockage?
In fact, the fantasy is that the phone is offline, and the phone jammer prevents any phone from reaching out to the outside world.
4. Why does the interference interfere with the long use of short distance?
The wifi jammer itself generates a lot of heat and causes heat, and the effect of natural interference is shorter. It is recommended that the jammer should not continue to work.
5.Why are some phones unable to protect the signal jammer?
The distribution shielding signals issued by the examination room are not uniform and may have weak spots. The shielding effect of these places is hurt. The phone receiver's sensitivity is different again. The frequency of the signal can be protected and the frequency of the phone is not in the interference filter in the band.