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Segítség az autószervizeknek

Segítség az autószervizeknek

A web2auto portált üzemeltető cég vezetősége – tekintettel az egyre rémisztőbb gazdasági válságra – segítséget nyújt az autó- és járműszervizeknek. Leendő partnereink így március tizenhatodikától térítés mentesen használhatják online szolgáltatásainkat. Ezt a lehetőséget minden olyan szerviz elérheti, amely regisztrálja magát rendszerünkben és kitölti a szükséges adatokat.

Portálunk egy olyan web alapú „alkalmazást” kínál fel szervizpartnerei számára, regisztráló szervizek részére, amely megkönnyíti a mindennapokhoz tartozó adminisztrációt és munkaszervezést. A regisztrált szervizek szolgáltatásait ráadásul a web2auto honlap egyre növekvő számú regisztrált felhasználója könnyen és egyszerűen érheti el.

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Oklahoma City's point guard and coach are forever on trial, and they will be judged by how this season ends. Heading home for the next two games, the Thunder can still make this a series. If they don't? If they fall in these West finals the way they fell in last year's when the Dallas Mavericks beat them in five games, then the Thunder will ask themselves how much progress they've made.For Brooks, his negotiating leverage is dictated by each win and loss in these playoffs. His contract ends after this season, and his representative and the team have yet to find a middle ground on a new deal. If the Thunder lose this series, team officials will have to NIKe SHox decide how much money and time to commit to Brooks while waiting to learn whether he's capable of guiding lAGUna BEacH them to a championship.The Thunder have few reservations about Westbrook. He played a strong game, totaling 27 points, eight assists and seven rebounds without a single turnover. He hounded Parker as best he could, crowding him despite the Spurs running him through screen after screen. And yet with each loss the ToRy BuRCh HaNdbAGs Thunder suffer, Westbrook's performance is CHloé HanDbags often measured by his shot count (24) compared to that of Kevin Durant (17). If the Thunder win, he's praised for his aggressiveness. If they lose, critics often blame his selfishness.Parker knows the drill. He's heard the same criticism over the years from outside BURbeRRy HandbAgs and inside the Spurs' locker room."It's always been a battle my whole career MUlBerry HAnDbAgs when you're a scoring point guard," Parker said. "Pop wants you to score then he wants you to pass. You go back and forth. It's always been the biggest room for me to improve is to find that happy middle between scoring and passing, and find that good BBC Jeans balance."Parker arrived to the Spurs fresh-faced and 19 years old. Popovich already had one championship under his belt and a system in place. He's also coached with an edge Brooks will never have: He's his own boss.Early in his career, Parker once dared to shake off a play call from his D&G HAnDBaGs coach. Popovich called a timeout and blasted Parker before he could even reach the bench. "You know I'm crazy!" Popovich yelled. "Do that again, and I'll play Steve Kerr 95 minutes a night if I have to!"

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