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Mi a Garázs?

Ebben a menüpontban (oldalon), lehet a járműveket regisztrálni. A járművek összes fontos adata felvihető, s a száraz tények néhány jól sikerült fotóval színesíthetőek. A képeket bármikor lehet módosítani, a szerkesztés "fül" segítségével.
Természetesen nem kötelező kitölteni az összes mezőt, a jármű adatlapjában viszont csak azok a mezők jelennek meg, melyeket adatokkal töltöttünk ki.
A Gyártó mezőnél – kis türelemmel – az első néhány karakter után megjelennek azok a gyártók, melyekből már regisztráltak. A „Vo” után akár a Volvo, akár a Volkswagen kiválasztható, egyetlen kattintással vagy a lefelé billentyű segítségével.
A Státusz mező üresen hagyva pedig az aktív. Forgalomban lévő járművet jelzi.
A Garázs alaphelyzetben az áttekintő nézettét mutatja, melyben mindegyik járművünk és azok legfontosabb adatai láthatóak. A részletes nézet a gépkocsi összes adatát bemutatja. A részletes nézetet a gépkocsi gyártójára és típusára kattintva érhetjük el - például a "Volkswagen 1303S" bármelyik részére klikkelve egerünkkel.
A személyes adatainkat csak a gépkocsi tulajdonosa láthatja, azokat más felhasználó nem éri el.

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Oakley Sunglasses 1/n and aggressive. Run’s lyrics described the good life: champagne, caviar, bubble baths. He rapped about having a big long Caddy, not like a Seville, a line that Oakley Sunglasses seems like a throwaway, but to me felt meaningful—he was being descriptive and precise: Run didn’t just say a car, he said a Caddy. He didn’t just say a Caddy Fake Oakleys , he said a Seville. In those few words he painted a picture and then gave it emotional life. I completely related. I was the kid from public housing whose whole Cheap Oakley Sunglasses hood would rubberneck when an expensive car drove down the block.Run had the spirit of a battle rapper—funny, observant, charismatic, and confrontational—but his Replica Oakley rhymes were more refined. When he passed the mic to his partner, DMC followed with a story told in short strokes that felt completely raw and honest. Oakley Sale

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What are the five kinds of air cushion NIKE?
It is well known that NIKE Air cushion: there are five kinds of basic form Air sole, Zoom Air, Air Max, Total Air and Tuned Air. This among them, the Tuned Air basic now it is hard to see the detail of 5 kinds of shock absorbing technology 1. Air sole, the NIKE Air cushion technology developed by the earliest.
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Nike Lebron
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What brand of basketball shoes? China brand network small make up to you to sort out the ten top basketball shoes, hope I can for you to choose what brand of basketball shoes is better to provide the reference.
1 Nike
(founded in 1972, the United States, the world famous brand, a large multinational group of companies, the top ten brand basketball shoes, NIKE (suzhou) sports goods co., LTD.)
2 Adidas Adidas
(Germany in 1948, the world top 500 enterprises, world-renowned brands, large multinational companies, 10 basketball shoes brand, adidas group co., LTD.)
3 li ning Lining
(the Chinese well-known trademark, one of the most competitive brand in China, Hong Kong listed company, the international well-known sports brand, li ning (China) sports goods co., LTD.)
4 Anta Anta
(China well-known trademark, one of the sporting goods industry standard makers, professional committed to the design production of sporting goods companies, anta (China) co., LTD.)
(the Chinese well-known trademark, China top brand, professional committed to the design research and development production of sporting goods enterprises, export products exempt from inspection shall be, peak sport products co., LTD.)
6 Reebok Reebok
(in Britain in 1895, the world brand 500 strong enterprises, a large multinational group of companies, 10 basketball shoes brand, adidas (China) co., LTD.)
7 Jordan
(Chinese famous brand, Chinese well-known trademark, 10 basketball shoes brand, specialized in the design research and development production of sporting goods enterprises, Jordan sports co., LTD.)
8 Converse Converse
(and in 1908 the United States, the world famous brand, to design and manufacture specialized in sporting goods enterprises, Converse (Converse) companies in the United States)
The 9 volt VOIT
(China well-known trademark, China top brand, the national professional basketball shoes/volleyball national standards drafting unit, walter sports co., LTD.)
10 361 degrees
(the Chinese well-known trademark, China's 500 most valuable brands, professional design research and development production of sporting goods enterprises, once SanLiu (China) co., LTD.)

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